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Upwork CSS 3 Test Answers.

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This time I am sharing with you  Upwork CSS3 test answers . Get update Upwork CSS3 test answer from this website. Upwork CSS3 test is a most important for your Upwork profile improvement.So, Friends enjoy this post and if you have another new idea about it. Please post a comment below.

Question_01: Which of the given options is/are equivalent to the following rule?

           DIV { line-height: 1.2; font-size: 10pt }

a.        DIV { line-height: 1.2em; font-size: 10pt }

c.        DIV { line-height: 120%; font-size: 10pt }

Question- 2: The sans-serif generic font-family is characterized by:

b.        stroke endings that are plain without any flaring, cross stroke, or  other  ornamentation.

Question_03: Which of the following properties allow percentages in their value fields?

b.            font-variant

c.            font-weight

Question_04: Which of the following styles is valid?

c.             border: none;

Question_05: Which of the following property doesn’t take up space?

c.            Both a and b

Question_06: Can a percentage value be given in a ruby-align property?

b.            No

Question-07: What will happen if the cursor property value is set to none?

b.            No cursor will be displayed.

Question-08:  What is the range of values (in decimal notation) that can be specified in the RGB color model?

b.            0 to 255

Question-09: The color in three digit RGB notation is #fb0. What will be its equivalent six digit color code?

b.            #ffbb00

Question-10: backface-visibility:hidden; will this property hide the back side of a transformed         div element?

a.            Yes

Question-11: What will happen if the pause property is used as follows?

                h2 { pause: 40s 60s }

a.            pause-before will be set to 40 seconds and pause-after will be set to 60 seconds.

Question_12: Read the following:

                @page rotated {size: landscape}

                TABLE {page: rotated; page-break-before: right}

                What will this code do?

a.            It will put all tables on a right-hand side landscape page.

Question_13: Which of the following properties specifies the minimum number of lines of a paragraph that must be left at the bottom of a page?

a.            orphans

Question-14: What is the problem in the following style sheet?

              @import “style.css”;

              @media print

              {@import “print-main.css”;

              BODY { font-size: 10pt }


               h1 {color: red }

c.             @import rule is invalid since it occurs inside a @media block.

Question-15: A/An___________ is defined with ‘grid-columns’, ‘grid-rows’ properties.

a.            Explicit grid

Question-16: Which of the following are not valid values for the target-new property?

d.            parent

e.            current

Question-17: Which of the following styles is not valid for an image?

a.            img { float= left }

Question-18: What is the initial value of the marquee-speed property?

b.            normal

Question-19: What is the default value of the transform property in CSS3?

d.            none

Question-20: Which of the following value of the white-space property will set the value of white-space-collapse to “preserve” and value of the text-wrap to “none”?

c.            nowrap

Question-21: Which of the following is not a user interface element fragment selector?

c.            default

Question-22: If the nav-index property of textbox1 is set to 10, that of textbox2 to 5 and that of textbox3 to 8, what will be the navigation order?

b.            textbox2, textbox3 ,textbox1

Question-23: What is the initial value of the opacity property?

b.            1

Question-24: Which of the following option does NOT exist in media groups available in CSS3?

d.            braille or screen

Question-25: What is the initial value of the text-align property?

a.            start

Question-26: Which of the given rules would result in an object being rendered as above?

a.            div { content: ’1′ }

              div::before { content: ’2′; }

              div::before::before { content: ’3′; }

Question-27: You want to set the image resolution to 300dpi irrespective of the resolution of the image. Which of the following codes will be used?

c.            img { image-resolution: 300dpi }

Question-28: If you set the value of the speak property to digits, how would 22 be spoken?

b.            two two

Question-29: Which of the following does not apply to external styles?

c.            Highest priority

Question-30: To which of the following elements can the min-width property not be applied?

c.            table new

Question-31: If the following rule is used, what will be the output?

                       :focus,:active { outline-offset: 10px }

a.            The focus outline will appear at a distance of 10 pixels from the active element.

Question-32: Which of the following rules is equivalent to the em { color: rgb(255,0,0) } style?

e.            All of the above

Question-33: What is the initial value of the animation-iteration-count property?

b.            1

Question-34: What will happen if the following style declaration is applied to an element?

                    p { margin: 3em 2em }

a.            The top and the bottom margins will be 3em and the left and the right margins will be              2em.

Question-35: What will happen if the following style declaration is used in the given HTML code?

b.            Box 1 will be on the left hand side and Box 2 will be on the right hand side horizontally.

Question-36: Which of the following is the initial value for the column-fill property?

b.            balance

Question-37: If you are using the white-space-collapse property with value collapse, what will be the output of the following string?

               John leads his team to the victory, but fails to reach the   finals.

a.            Johnleadshisteamtothevictory,butfailstoreachthefinals.

Question-38: What effect does the following rule have?

                      div { grid-rows: 4em (0.25em 1em); }

c.             It creates a header row with 4em height and alternative rows with 0.25em and 1em heights.

Question-40: What is the initial value of the hyphens property?

b.            manual

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