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New surprises of Android 15

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New surprises of Android 15
The new surprise is in Android 15 -
Android 15 brings 10 new functional features. Android 15 is currently available on Google Pixel 8 smartphones. In the future, many smartphone manufacturers will add this feature to their smartphones. What is the special judgment? Let's know the details -

1. New name and logo -
The new logo will be somewhat similar to the Android 14 logo. But there is innovation in the name. Google has chosen Android 15 Vanilla Ice Cream as the new name.

2. Satellite Connectivity -
Many smartphones now have satellite connectivity. With Android 15, smartphone manufacturers will make it easier to use this technology in their smartphones. Also, the smartphone powered by Android 15 has satellite connectivity.

3. Web Cam Mood -
Android 15 users can connect their smartphones to Windows 11 as webcams. This feature is available on Google's Pixel smartphones.

4. Optimized Foldable Smartphone -
The demand for foldable phones is increasing day by day. Several smartphone manufacturers including Samsung, Motorola have introduced foldable smartphones in the market. Android 15 has added a new dimension to the performance of foldable smartphone. The quality of the display will also increase. When Android 15 is available, a new taskbar will be added to the foldable smartphone.

5. Camera Controlling System -
Better customization of camera brightness, flash light, low light camera etc. Smartphones running on Android 15 operating system will have better camera performance.

6. Screen Sharing -
A specific part of the screen can be shared easily with a single tap.

7. Notification Cool down -
Android 1 5- powered smartphones will get rid of the annoyance of unnecessary notifications.

8. Hide Required Notifications -
Android 15 update will automatically hide necessary notifications or messages. As a result, personal protection will be further ensured.

9. New Volume Control -
As a result of Android 15 update, users will get the benefit of volume control on smartphones.

10. Bluetooth dialog box -
Those who use multiple Bluetooth devices will have an easier task. Tapping on the Bluetooth option will display the recently paired or connected devices. From here users can switch their required device.

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