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How To Earn Money By Playing Free Fire The Easiest Top 3 Ways 2021 How To Get Free Diamond Free Fire Auto Generator.

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Earn Money By Playing Free Fire.

How to Make Money By Playing Free Fire!

Free Fire is One of the Famous Game ever in this gaming industry! And if you also playing Free fire! Then see this full article to make instant money by Free fire there is lot's of ways like tournaments, YouTube, sponsorship etc as we know we have many examples in this industry like:

total gaming, two Side gamer they are making millions of money by playing Free fire but he has proper YouTube channel and audience in Instagram but how you can money by playing free fire! Here I am to tell you top 3 ways to make money by playing free fire for free! 

Top 3 Ways!

 1.Social media 

 Yes! Social Media is one of the most important thing in your gaming career because social media has power to vital anything and if you skill so you become star In one night just record your gameplay and make it viral at Facebook and Instagram because majority audience is on this 2 platforms and if your play good in game so some people started following you then you have to chance to get big money from there by sponsorship yes! What sponsors see in there clients just audience if you have very high amount of audience and basically only gaming audience then you'll able to make very big amount of money! That's true to work hard! But when you reach that level you'll able to make 1cr+ in a month! 


 Tournaments are very common in this field but the gaming changing things is tournaments because if our skills are high then we got contracts and sponsorship and farm and most importantly money and if we play very good then free fire officially hire us to promote there games so that we can make very good amount of money!


 All are saying that try YouTube but what is real way to viral on YouTube now? There is the best future is YouTube shorts YouTube shorts is basically short video sharing option that we share 30 second or more than 30 second videos now the greatest chance is that you can make some funny clips on free for and share it on YT sorts so that YouTube viral it very fast after you gain some audience then make 5 to 6 minutes videos and catch the audience! And how to monetize it make some tournaments and grab entry fees and make money from there by doing tournaments and in price you'll select diamonds! So here is ways to make money from YouTube and if you are good in free fire then I have massive idea to make the income lifetime by just making 3 videos and how it's going to be possible? Just by making course on how to play free fire! There is best way and anyone in this free fire Market didn't do this! So that you publish your course on social media, YouTube and do paid promotions and after that reach out the audience and sell your course in very pregnable price there is very high chance to make money because all the audience is doing top ups so that they are able to spend money on your course!

So here is some ways to make money by playing free fire!

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