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A few months ago, if you wanted to know what kind of personal information Apple had collected about you, you had to navigate to the Apple privacy website, find a hard-to-find tab to request the information and wait for the visitors.That is changing today, with the introduction of a new privacy portal that provides one click access to get the information, to completely delete, pause, or kill an account.

You have to wait a few days to get the information, through the updated section of the Apple website, while Apple confirms the request, but it should be much easier to use the tools to get now.
Apple updates its privacy website every autumn, after the introduction of new phones and software upgrades for the iOS12 and MacOS mobile and computer operating systems, which this year is called Mojave.

Privacy has become a big buzzword for technical consumers, in the aftermath of the enormous vulnerabilities of  Facebook and Google that have uncovered how the companies approached us with ads that followed our entire path.

When I asked for my data referral from Apple in May, it took eight days to arrive. And when that happened, there was not much. Apple says that the information is stored mainly on your device, not on the servers. One sentence marks: a list of my downloads, purchases and repairs, but not my search history via the personal assistant of  Siri or the Safari browser.

That is the most important point that Apple makes on the internet. "Whether you take a photo, ask Siri a question or get directions, you can do it knowing that Apple does not collect your personal information to sell to advertisers or other organizations," Apple said on the website.

The company points to privacy on various devices, from the iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad to software such as Apple Pay and Siri.
Apple's approach to privacy could also be a marketing message, with a clear distinction between the company and rival Android, Google's operating system that has a market share of 85% worldwide. Google takes a more practical approach, using some of our data to sell to advertisers.

New for 2018:
- The MacOS update requires that companies that place software tracking cookies that you follow with ads for a pair of shoes, for example, after searching for them on, you first need to inquire and ask for permission before they can be installed on your computer .

- A new feature on the iPhone and iPads is called "Screen Time" and it keeps track of the use of the device to let you know how many hours a day you spend with Twitter or other apps. But Apple points out that the information is one-way traffic. You know, Apple does not.

- An automatic password feature has been added to iOS and MacOS to simplify the creation of hard-to-hack passwords and save with Apple's iCloud keychain. Apple says this is a move to prevent people from logging in with social media applications such as Facebook or Google that you follow after signing up. The Keychain does not follow you, Apple says.

To protect your privacy on the site, Apple recommends using a hard-to-decrypt access code on the iPhone and iPad (unlike rapper Kanye West, who showed the easy-to-crack 000000 code last week at a meeting with president Donald Trump), also enable FaceID or TouchID for biometric security and enable two-factor authentication, where you log in twice before you can use your device.

Apple CEO Tim Cook will be the keynote speaker at the 2018 International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners next Wednesday in Brussels, the first time a tech CEO will address the meeting.

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