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How to Win Upto $200 in Every Hour.

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What is ? is a bitcoin crane site, this crane site gives free bitcoin every hour. You can win 0.00000294 BTC to 0.29375046BTC by one claim. You can multiply your bitcoin here. You can earn as much as you want. 
How To Join : You can become a member of at any time, it's free to join. You need a bitcoin address and an e-mail address. Use Zebpay Bitcoin Wallet Address or another address you want to use. You can change your Wallet address at any time.
How to Multiply your Bitcoin: This is the best thing about site, here you can multiply your bitcoin. First go to the MULTIPLY BTC tab, you can play with your Here you can earn or deposit extra bitcoins. So how to play this game? Many videos available on youtube to set the Auto-Bet setting, but most are risky to use. Do not use scripts here. Here we give some tips to play this game and multiply your bitcoin.
First earn enough bitcoins in your account by claiming regular faucets. You must learn through your every bet on this site.
Change Following Settings to do Auto-Bet:
·         BET ODDS= “3”
·         BET ON= “Hi”
·         ON LOSE
o    INCREASE BET BY“50% or 60%”
·         Don’t Change Any other Setting.

You can change these settings depending on your account balance. But keep betting in Control different, usually you end up with a zero balance or a low balance.


You can take part in a weekly lottery and win big prizes! Receive 2 free tickets for every FREE BTC throw you play, 1 ticket for each roll you play referrals and 1 ticket for every 0,0000,500 BTC you bet in the MULTIPLY BTC game!

Lottery Rules:
The weekly lottery works in the following way:

1. All tickets that you buy or receive free of charge are automatically entered in the current weekly round.

2. When the countdown timer on this page is empty, the current lottery test ends and a new one automatically starts.

3. After the round has ended, a script on the server randomly chooses 10 winners from the group of users who have tickets in the current round.

4. The more tickets a user has, the greater the chance of winning a prize.

5. Having more tickets also increases the chance of winning a bigger prize.

6. A user can not win more than 1 prize in a round (ie the same user can not win the first and second prize, for example).

7. The prize money is credited to the winners' balance and can be withdrawn immediately. An e-mail is also sent to them to inform them of their winnings if they have a valid e-mail address with their account.

Note: - If you are not interested in lottery, you can disable lottery. Go to the profile section and tick option for lotteries. If you check this option, you will receive reward points instead of lottery tickets in a 1: 1 ratio for all future FREE BTC roles that you or your referrers play.

You can redeem your reward points for some great prizes and bonuses here! You have received 2 free reward points for each FREE BTC throw you play, 1 point for each throw you play referrals and 1 point for every 0,0000,500 BTC you bet in the MULTIPLY BTC game!
Points to Cash: You can exchanged Minimum 100,000 RP(reward points) at one time

Reward Point Prizes Electronics: You can redeem your points for the latest electronic gadgets!
iPhone 7 PLUS (256 GB) = “12,920,000 RP” Gift Certificate: You can redeem your points for e-gifter gift cards that can be redeemed for gift cards at multiple online and offline retailers! Gift vouchers are delivered by e-mail.
$250 EGIFTER GIFT CARD=”3,333,333 RP” FREE BTC BONUS: You can redeem your points to increase your minimum FREE BTC reward! Each bonus is valid for 24 hours after exchange.
500% BONUS=1600 RP
You can promote your product or service to their massive user base of 3,256,414 bitcoin users for just $ 0.12 per 1000 banner impressions! 
They pay weekly. If the balance of your account exceeds the minimum of 0.00029000 BTC, you can enable automatic withdrawal by clicking the METROTING button above and then selecting the checkbox next to AUTOMATIC CHANGE to be paid next week. But if you want to earn more Multiply BTC, you can play more by earning. If you have a good amount in your account, the chances of winning are big. Keep Earning Signup Here.

So Friends, enjoy this post and if you have another new idea about it. Please post a comment below. Thanks.

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