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YoBit is a cryptocurrency exchange that makes it easy to use the registration and trade page, balance sheet, trade history and market information on the website. YoBit offers users in English, Chinese and Russian trading pages, but one of their main selling points is the list of many unclear cryptic coins that are not available on other exchanges. This guide guides you through every step of registering your account to make your first transaction.

Switch to YoBit and you will see the main page. At first it seems like an overwhelming amount of information. At the top you have the navigation menu, where you can view the pattern pairs, your cryptocurrency portrait balances, registration and login and an interesting section called free coins (they are basically donations from other users, usually smaller amounts).

Press the registration option in the top right corner of the screen and enter your details. After registration you are ready to deposit Bitcoin in your wallet on YoBit.

In the left panel of the main page of, your account balances are at the top and the currency market at the bottom. There is also a search bar if you simply want to jump directly to the desired currency by entering the corresponding symbol. The top of the middle panel has the price curve for the cryptocurrency pair you want - by default this is set to Ethereum / Bitcoin (ETH / BTC).

Below you see the buy and sell section where you can manually enter how many coins and at what price you want to buy / sell. At the bottom of the middle panel you will find all currently available purchase and sales orders.

First you need bitcoins in your Yobit wallet. Select the section with portfolios in the top menu. You are led to a page that looks like this.
The wallets page displays the name of the currency, the current balance, how much is in deposit, how much of the currency is locked in orders / purchase calls, the estimated value of the currency in bitcoins (BTC), and options for depositing and withdrawing . of the account. We want to select the option for depositing bitcoins (circled in the image below).
If you do not have bitcoins, you can easily mining some bitcoin fully free. That guide can be found here.

For this tutorial we use Coinbase, but you are free to use any bitcoin wallet. Open a separate tab in your browser and log in to Coinbase to access your bitcoin wallet. Select the shipping option under your BTC wallet.

Now go back to the tab with the YoBit wallet page. Select the deposit symbol "+" and you should get this window. There must be a long series of alphanumeric characters (circled in red in the image below). That is your Bitcoin address.

Copy that address now. Switch back to the tab with Coinbase. Paste your address that you copied from Yobit into the address field. Enter the number of bitcoins you want to send. If you enter an amount in US dollars, the exchange rate is automatically displayed in BitCin (BTC). Now send the bitcoins and wait. This process can take between 15 minutes and a few hours, depending on the volume activity. As soon as your bitcoins have been deposited in your Yobit wallet, it is shown in the balances. Now you are ready to act!

Let's say we want to buy Omisego (OMG). In the left window of the Yobit screen, go to the market section and enter the symbol for Omisego, OMG in the search box.

Now the coin machines will only show OMG, select that list and you will be taken to the OMG trading page. Look at the sales orders at the bottom of the middle panel of the page. These are the OMG coins that are currently being sold. They are grouped according to price, number of coins available at that price and the estimated Bitcoin (BTC) value. If you click on one of the prices, they are automatically entered above in the Buy and Sell section.

You do not have to buy that whole set of coins. You can specify how many coins you want in the Amount box. So if you want to buy 10 OMG coins, just type 10. Select the green Buy button at the bottom and you're done. Congratulations on your first transaction on Yobit.

Free Coins: 
1.Login  your account and go to free coins.

   2.Click Get free coins.

3.Get your fund and wait countdown next time claim.

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