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Make Money Online at Home With Clixsense.

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Clixsense: Welcome to our Clixsense! We will have you going in minutes getting going making money with Clixsense.Earning money has never ever been much easier: Clixsense, among the earliest PTC (Paid to click) sites in business has actually been assisting users point-and-click to make money since 2007. Enrollment is complimentary.Simply go to the Clixsense site, navigate to the signup link, and enter your individual info.The site has literally hundreds of ads, surveys, and games by which you can earn money.And, the site is super user friendly.

STEP-1: Signup.
Click here for Signup…. after that fill the form with required information and submit after that u will get an email from Clixsense ( gmail is good for this purpose) click link in your email and you will get your Clixsense account verified. After that click view adds and you will see complete your profile form. SO complete it with ur information its not must that u use your real pic.When your profile is updated click view adds and now you can see all adds.
STEP-2:View ads.
Now click view advertisements you will see some adds .And you have to see all of them one by one.Click one add it will open in new window than click CAT and add will run and after some seconds it will be written as credited.Than close that add and go for the next add ...similarly watch all adds daily after going in your account because if you don't see adds for few days u might can get your account banned....So watching daily adds wont give you much money but its must for you to make your account active.
STEP-3:Doing Task.
Yes Clixsense also gives you the opportunity to complete small tasks ( same like neobux mini jobs) provided there by crowd flower.You can earn some $$ by completing tasks as well.
click tasks in your clicksense account and click complete tasks.You gonna see many tasks available( if no task is there than you should wait for few hours) click any task i recommend you to choose 1 cents 2 cents 3 or 4 cents tasks.. don't choose tasks with higher amount cause they are difficult and u might can get them wrong and lose your accuracy.For every task there are two pages. like in this picture i v chosen a task for 1 cents it means after the submission or every second page i will get 1 cent. but most of the tasks are for 3 or 4 cents its just an example.
STEP-4: Offers.
You can also complete offers, surveys, etc to earn more from this site. Offers generally include daily surveys, downloads etc.Earnings from offers range from $0.50 to 5$.
STEP-5:Play Clixgrid.
It’s a game of luck. You can win up-to 5$ playing Clixgrid. Other prizes include $0.10, $0.25, $0.5, $1, $2.50 and 5 more chances. Prize will be credited to your main balance instantly.
Click on any grid,wait for ( 5 sec for premium members and 10 sec for standard members), you will know if you have won prize or not.You will have 50 chances as premium and 25 as standard members.

STEP-6: Affiliate program
Refer your friends and multiply your earnings.
Clixsense has the most lucrative affiliate program in ptc industry.

Referrals are those who sign-up under your referral link.

You will get referral commission whenever you referral
a) click ads, (40%)
b) complete tasks, ( 10%)
c) complete offers, ( 10%)
d) upgrades ($2 per each referral upgrade)
e) purchase ads (10% up to $2) and more.

But it depends on your membership. Premium members benefit more commission than standard members.

Here is the quick summary of affiliate program of clixsense:
If you have a decent number of active referrals, suppose you have 100 active referrals, if all of them click ads daily, complete tasks, offers and you get just 10 cent commission from each referral, you will get $10 every day.
100 referrals x 10 cent = $10 every day
$10 x 30 days = $300 every month

You can see that from just 100 referrals, your earning will be more than $300 per month. But this is just an example. Someday, you will have less earnings and someday more than that.

Since, you can have unlimited number of referrals, your earning potentials is also unlimited.

Sign-up commissions:
Also, for premium members , clixsense offer one of the most generous signup commissions per referral in the PTC industry. Whenever your referral earns $1 on PTC clicks, you will get $0.50 bonus. Standard members do not earn this commission.

How to get referrals?
The easiest way to get referrals is to invite your friends in this program. Go to "Affiliates/Invite Friends" and put your friends email.

Standard member and Premium members.
Standard members are free members. You don't have to pay a single cent to join clixsense nor when withdrawing your earnings to paypal or payza. But you can upgrade to premium for just 17$ a year. ( Note : Its very less compared to other ptc programs where you have to pay about 100$) Premium members get more benefit that standard members and their earning is also more than standard members.

 There are many benefits that go along with being a PREMIUM member, like:
·Referral signup commissions ($0.50 per referral )
·Higher direct referral click commissions
·More chances to win in ClixGrid (%0 chances for premium members    and 25 for standard)
·More ads available (guaranteed 4 standard ads daily + more)
·8-Tier Affiliate Program *
·10% commission for referral tasks and offers ( 5% for standard members)
·10% sales commission (up to 2% and $100 limit per referral ) while 10% sales commission (up to 1% and $50 limit per referral

Note: You don't need to upgrade your account withdraw your earnings. Standard members have don't any limitations, but premium members have earning opportunities. However after some days, you will know the true power of premium account.You can upgrade to premium at any time and even use your earning to upgrade your account to premium.

Clixsense pays the money via Payza (Alert pay), PayPal, Liberty Reserve or Cheque. The minimum payout is $8 for Standard Members and $6 for Premium members. When you reach the payout minimum, you can request cash out.Payments are issued every Monday.

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