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Make Money and Free Bitcoin Mining Online With Shorte,st.

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Introduction:-Shorte,st is a European based company founded by a group of young internet enthusiasts which provides Url shortening and free Bitcoin mining service. It is just Like an advertising network company. Which provides handsome earnings to those peoples who want to earn some extra bucks while staying online? It is recommended by a large number of online entrepreneurs to those who spends a lot of time on the Internet by using facebook or any other social networking sites or by blogging. The technical work is so easy. You have to only find out a URL And share it to your social networking sites and when an individual clicks on your shortened link then You will receive a few amount of bucks. You can shorten a bulk of URLs. Suppose, you have got 1000 of clicks on a shortened URL and the amount per click is 0.05(maximum). Then your earning shall be 1000*0.05 = $50(maximum). is an Alternative and Free Bitcoin mining:
If you are banned from then is the choice. However if you are not, I recommend you to continue using as it is far better than in many respects.

But yes, be it any reason for not using, is there to help you. Let's see how:
  • As I said before payout rates of are less compared to, still it is comparable for few countries.
  • Minimum payout of both is just $5.
  • Both support Paypal and Payoneer.
  • Both are legit and pays on time, every time.
How To Join?
1.Just visit the top post link.
2. Click on the join now on the home page.
3.You are a single step away from the success. Just enter email id two times and the password then click register. Have a look in your inbox for the activation mail and activate. Wow, you are done!. Enjoy monetizing your links and get money.

·  High commission compared to other networks
·  Don’t have to wait for the approval
·  User-friendly interface and interesting tools to bag the highest
·  Referral System with high payout
·  Real-time statistics to be aware about your earnings.

Monetization Tools: 
The Monetization tools of is very effective.These Tools is only for blogger & webmasters. If You are not, then skip this topic and move to the next. The features include the following:

1.Full Page Script:- Full page script allows you to short all external links of your blogger blog posts. It means you no need to shorten link one by one. Just add this script to your blogger template under the head tag and you are awesome.

2.Social Share widget:- It is one of my favorite plugin. You can add this plugin at your blogger sidebar. And whenever your visitors try to share your blog posts then, ads will appear in front of them. 

3.Mass Shrinker:- Its also offer for mass shrinker which means you don’t need to shorten your long URLs one by one. Just make a list of your long URL and get shorten URL of all of these.

4.Developers API ( Recommended ) Make Your own Url shortener site:-  It is recommended by me. also provides a developer APi by which you can create your own you URL shortener site for free  and make it available on the internet . This tutorial recommended  because, you can make huge money.

5.Earn on Blogspot Comments:- If you have a blogger (blogspot) blog, this tool can make you some money. This tool will turn all the links in your comments section to links.

Quick link:

Earning Increasing Tips: 
For All-
1.Visit this post top link.
2.Join this site and confirm email.
3.Login your account and short any popular link (A.D.U.L.T Allow).
4.You can share your link everyday using google docs or or any social network in USA visitor based group.(More share and get more money).
5.Go to link tools---->website script----->entry on and past in domain list box.
6.Click Generate script and copy this code.
7.Go to
8.Click share video.
9.Copy any popular youtube url and paste url box
10.Select any category and past your script code box no-3.
11.Click upload and scrolling down for find your post.
12.When uploaded successfully then share your post use social button.

Only core-i3 or higher PC user with Graphics card-
1.Visit this post top link.
2.Join this site and confirm email.
3.Login your account and go to mining and download miner app.
4.Install your miner app and click start.
5.Wait 25-30min before add your balance.
1.If you are not using google docs then blocked url any social network.
2.If you use A.D.U.L.T content then google docs file name must be separated dot sign. Example: A.D.U.L.T, P.O.R.N etc.

Real Time Statistics:
The real-time statistic tracking features enables you to track all your shortening URL. By which you can track the performance of your shortened URLs.

Rates and Payout Methods:
There is no fixed rates available. Rate varies with the need of advertiser. But you can expect from $0.15- $7.78. Make sure to bring more traffic from U.S. and European countries. Because they have more conversion rates as well as the best payout. This network possesses a threshold to withdraw money. That is not much high unlike the competitors, but only $5. So cheer up. Currently shorte,st supports Paypal as well as Payoneer and web money. So have an account of either of these before starting with shorte,st.

Comparison :
No doubt that, pay the highest amount for every click. But, there are also some competitive URL shortening which pay well but not like Shorte,st.

If, you are not satisfied with your income from Shorte,st. Then you have also an option of referral program. Earn 20% of your invited users income - lifetime, without any limit.

Payment Method & Payout Time:
Payment method of Shorte,st are done through Paypal, Payoneer, and Web-money. Your earnings will be paid automatically on a 10th day of each month to your selected method of payment.

Please do not spam web with links. Post your links only there where it provides some value to visitors when they visit your link. Also never use bot or buy and exchange traffic for increasing views to your shortened links. Abuse of may result in account termination.

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