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How to Create Payza Account and Verify .

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Payza is an e-commerce business that allows payments to be made through the internet between users who have registered for the service (Payza members). For personal users, it is a method for transferring money internationally and a platform for the purchase of goods and services online. For merchants, Payza is an online business management tool which they can use to process payments, issue invoices and make payouts.

Subscribe to Payza:-                                                                

 1.Go to

 2.Click on 'Sign Up' (You can find it at the top of theirs homepage).

 3.Choose your country, and pick the right account for you.

4. Now you have to complete the registration page, you have to fill-in details like your E-mail, Home Adress, Phone etc, make sure you fill-in your real information and e-mail address that you are used to.

5.After you've filled all of the required information you'll have 2 options :
First option : You can add a credit card and verify your account.
Second option : You don't want to add a credit card, and your account won't be verified.
Of course that the first option is more recommended, but if you don't have an option to add a credit card - the second option is your only option.

6.Confirm your e-mail.

How do I become verified? (Bangladesh)

If you are a Payza member in Bangladesh, you will need to provide verification documents in order to become verified. You will have the option to provide either of the following sets of documents:

Option A: Document Validation. You will need to provide one Photo Identification document and one Bank Statement.
Option B: Photo ID Validation. You will need to provide two different Photo Identification documents.

In order to start the verification procedure, simply follow these easy steps:

1. Login to your Payza account
2. Click on your name next to your avatar to the left and click on "Verification" in the menu that appears.
3. Click on either “Document Validation” or “Photo ID Validation”
4. Select and upload the required documents according to the option of your choosing*
5. Click on “Next”
6. Preview the documents provided and click on “Send”

Once you have submitted your verification documents, please allow 4-5 business days for them to be reviewed. Please note that your documents cannot be older than 6 months, must be submitted in .jpeg or .jpg format and should not exceed a file size of 5 MB.

*If you choose Option A: you will be asked to provide a Photo Identification document (National ID Card, Passport or Driver’s License) and a Bank Statement. There is no need to have a bank account added to your Payza account as your Bank Statement will be used for address verification purposes only.

*If you choose Option B: you will be asked  to provide two different Photo Identification documents (National ID Card, Passport or Driver’s License).

How can I withdraw funds by bank transfer in Bangladesh?

In order to withdraw funds by bank transfer in Bangladesh, you will need to add your banking details to your Payza account as well as submit verification documents. If you have not yet added your bank account.

If you've already added your bank account and your verification documents have been approved, please follow these instructions to withdraw your funds by bank transfer:

1. Log into your Payza account and click on the “Withdraw Funds” tab
2. Select the "Bank Transfer" withdrawal option
3. Select the balance you would like to withdraw from and the bank account to which you want to withdraw your funds
4. Enter in the amount you would like to withdraw from your open currency balance (for example: enter in “50” if you would like to withdraw $50 USD from your USD currency balance)
5. Click on “Next”
6. Enter in your Transaction PIN and click on “Withdraw”

Your transaction will be “Pending” for 4-5 business days. Once your withdrawal has been completed in Payza, it means we have sent your funds to your bank account. Please note that your bank may require an additional 1-3 business days to post your funds.

Please also note that if your bank is Bangladesh Krishi Bank or Rupali Bank Limited, your withdrawal will take 10-12 business days to complete.

Congratulations! you have just learned how to open Payza account and others information!
Good luck.

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