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PeoplePerHour is Most Popular Online Marketplace .

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What is PeoplePerHour (PPH)?

PeoplePerHour is an UK  online marketplace. The online marketplace that allows for different jobs to outsource or freelancing as an impeccable skills to sell their marketplace. As a freelancer you can quickly set up a profile page to display your skills and services along with your hourly rate. Small Businesses turn to PeoplePerHour and post jobs they need completed, usually jobs that can be done remotely. Freelancers can then Bid on the Jobs posted.

What Types of Jobs are Commonly Listed at PeoplePerHour?

According to their website- the most popular job types on PeoplePerHour are:

  • Programming

  • Writing and Translation

  • WordPress Themes

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Data Entry

  • Logos

  • Social Media

  • Copywriting

  • Web Design

  • Business Support

  • Video, photo, audio Editing

While browsing around myself I see a lot of what is listed above as well as Writing Services, Bookkeeping and Social Media. Anything you would normally see a need in other Bidding Sites seem to appear here as well.

Get Some Freelancing Experience:

Before you begin bidding on PeoplePerHour or other freelancing sites, it pays to have some experience. You will be asked to provide examples of your work, whether it’s copywriting, technical writing, SEO writing, design, research – whatever. It helps to do a little work for friends before you begin. Ask them to post recommendations on your profile to confirm what you’ve done, and put examples in the Portfolio area of the site. Be honest with yourself: if you have no experience, you will really struggle to get started.

Prepare a Good Bid:

Some jobs on People Per Hour can receive 20, 30 or 40 bids within a few hours. No client has time to read an essay from each of those people, so don’t waste your time writing one. Generic bids are a massive turn-off, and so are bids that are not proof-read or don’t address the job specifics. Bids full of links require the client to go looking for a reason to choose you. Why would they do that? Write a concise bid which showcases your talents, and tailor it to the job description. Address any concerns or points upfront and keep it friendly and professional. We’ve paid over the average for a freelancer because their bid was keen, specific and well-written, and we felt we had something in common with them which always makes work more fun!

PeoplePerHour Review:

PeoplePerHour – is a nightmare if you are looking for work. The person advertising for example will say budget up to £10 per hour, you bid for less then this hourly rate and the advertiser declines saying bid to high. That is because there are many idiots out there offering to work for what would be less then the minimum wage after they have paid the commission to people per hour and their taxes etc.

Bid Early, Bid Quick:

The PeoplePerHour website is updated daily, from the early morning right through until the evening. Jobs appear in fits and starts throughout the day, and you can scan back through several days’ jobs if you wish.

This may be a little controversial, but I’d advise not bidding on old jobs. Bidding early on a job is the best way to get noticed, especially if your bid is on the wordy side. Keep your eye on the PeoplePerHour Twitter feed for fresh work, and bid as soon as you can. If you happen to be online outside normal office hours, regularly check the site and bid early on anything new that appears: there’s less competition then too.

Get some experience:

Proposals with links to web based work examples or attached files of samples are always more attractive than those without, so, even if you are new to freelancing, it is a good idea to get some (paid or unpaid) experience outside of PPH. If you are a writer, start your own blog. If you are a web designer, make yourself a website. Get some real hands on experience of practicing your skill, as it will not only make you more employable but will also give you a chance to really show what you can do.

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