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How to make money with ShareCash.
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What makes us different? 
Unlike other upload websites that give you low prices, such as $ 10 for 1000 US downloads, we give you an average of 40 to 80 cents per download. That is $ 800 for 1000 downloads on average. sometimes reach a few dollars. We guarantee that you will earn more from us than another PPD website. our revolutionary platform offers you everything you need, from great features to the highest payouts, to make money with us. Are you crazy about this site? And would like to earn real money ShareCash. Now it's time to start.

Dominates ShareCash:
ShareCash is a site that is very similar to, because it allows you to upload files and then you pay while you lead others to download your files. The difference between ShareCash and other sites are that ShareCash will pay many more. ShareCash pays 400 to 800 dollars for every 1000 downloads, with paying about $ 5 for every 1000 downloads. What I am going to show you now is how. you can take ShareCash and make at least $ 50 a day. So first if you have not already done so, Click here to create a new ShareCash account and sign in a free account. There are no costs associated with signing up and it takes a few minutes to do so. Now you have to familiarize yourself with the site, so take around 5 minutes to look around.
Note: the Upload button on the left, there you go Upload your files. Now I have seriously spent time developing these methods and making them work. Some are quick and easy and will generate some money, while others take more time, but make an incredible amount of money.

Method 1:
This is a simple way to start. People download everything from youtube. So to get started, make sure you have an account with youtube. Then go to the daily movement and find a good strip-teasing video in which the girl shows a body part at a certain point in the video. Download the video of daily movement using KEEP VID and start Windows Movie Maker. The idea is that we want to post the video so that it becomes clear that the girl is about to show a part of the body and then we cut the video there. What you are going to do now is to upload the cut part to YouTube. Because there is no real adult in this video (because you cut it away) youtube does not take away the video. Upload the entire video to Sharecash and place the link in the description box next to your video. Give the name of the video title very attractive and watch how people download the entire video from your link to see the private part of the girl. Many people search for girls on YouTube, so your videos get a lot of views very quickly.

Method 2:
Sign in to yahoo and myspace account. Make over 300-400 friends. It will take a little time, but you can easily do it if you spend about 1 hour per day and add about 50 people per day. It is not that simple, but it is not even that difficult. I received about 500 friends within two weeks. Most importantly, focus only on people from the UK, US and Canada, because sharecash only pays for sign-ups for these countries. It would be much easier for you if you become a member of American and British communities. If you feel comfortable, try to create your profile from the name of a girl. Usually people add a girl more often than a man. After making an ID with 400-500 friends. Add your uploaded photo to your profile or update status.
For example: create a notebook file. Clock it with your sharecash link and add your profile. Encourage people to download your file by saying that this is your phone number, coolest or attractive photo of you, or be wilder, because this is my private cam show download it. There will be many interested people to download your stuff. Update your profile daily and keep adding more friends from the US and the UK.

Method 3:
forums my favorite place to get downloads from. So what we are going to do for this method is to find a adult forum and copy a few adult photos that people post up. If you only look at a few places like, you will find a few passwords. Now go ahead and copy those photos into a text document and archive. This is where we are going to do things a bit different. Most people go and post these files on the forums with your download link. Now this gives a few dollars, but when the passwords run out or someone sees a few messages about how they use these passwords, your wire is pretty much dead. Instead, go to as many adult forums as you can and place your download link in your notification with anchor text such as "Free GangBros photos". Then just post the whole post with things like "Wow nice video" or "Thanks for the videos", things so people see your name and signature. If the forum does not allow your download link in the signature, just create a free blog with bloggers with the download link and have your signature referred with the same anchor text. You will see a huge amount of traffic with this method. Trust me, everyone wants free adult photos.

Method 4:
This is my biggest money maker, and it is actually quite easy to set up. The only reason that this is the most advanced method is because a few are needed things like a website, hosting and some experience with creating a website and make it look decent. If you can make this method happen, you will see a huge amount number of downloads will continue. What you do is search for Nintendo DS ROMs and emulators in Google. If you find a good site now, you can download as many as you can. I use a few sites to download DS ROMs, but I have just started booting mininova and downloaded a huge file with 100+ ds roms. This made my site much faster and I no longer had to download 100 files separately. Upload all files separately to sharecash and place them on your computer new website. If you keep your site up-to-date with new releases, you can get a few one thousand downloads a day easily. If you submit your site to one of the top 100 ROM lists, you can get an awesome amount of traffic that way. Alternatively, you can submit to digg and reddit and claim that you have found the best DS Rom site on the web. Do not forget to place a disclaimer on your site stating that all downloaded ROMs must be removed within 24 hours, unless the legal copy is owned. That statement will keep your rom site legal, so do not forget it.

Digital Comics is currently very popular on the internet and no one uses sharecash to promote online comics. There are a few things you can do here. For one you can visit and download a few comics and post on a blog blog. Digg traffic works well here of course, because comics usually cost money to download online. Another way to detonate this is to use a site called What you do now is to visit the strip section, choose a comic book that you have downloaded and place the cover and then place the download link. A small description helps and lets a few people respond.

Method 6:
This is probably my favorite method, just because it is actually very creative. What you have to do is go to every manual traffic exchange (look on Google you will find a ton) and sign up for a pair. Upload a large image or a small program that is about 1 to 2 MB in size and call this "Traffic Exchange Bot." Create a quick blogger blog and remove everything from the page except the post and the title. Make the title big and the body easy to read. Indicate that you have a free bot for traffic that they can use for the traffic exchange they have. You can customize the page and create one for each traffic exchange you use. People will download the file in the hope of a bot, even if you do not have a bot for them to download the file and see that it is not blunt, they will more than likely continue exchange with their traffic while you just got a download! Make sure you load the file that you upload so that it appears credible. You can participate in the exchange to get credits or just buy something, anyway, you get conversions easily because everyone hates to do manual traffic exchanges.

It was the simplest and yet most reliable method. If you have a good website that has about 1K-2K visitors per day, create a simple banner and enter it with your sharecash URL. Try to give free e-books that relate to your niche. People just love free stuff. To obtain free ebook or something you can easily search on Google, rewrite the entire content and then go. If you want to be bullying, just copy that method and give it for free. Ask your friends to place your free stuff clocked URL banner on their websites or blogs.

for sharecash People just love free stuff. When you start getting decent money from sharecash, you simply invest in buying a domain and hosting and you create a website that is meant to download free stuff. SEO it regularly or to improve traffic always do yahoo answers post along with link back to your website. Just do not spam them, otherwise you will be punished.

So Friends, enjoy this post and if you have another new idea about it. Please post a comment below. Thanks.


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